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M*RKventures: Grow out and Clear Skin Challenge, Introduction

Duration: 12 Weeks

 Clear Skin Challenge details

 For this challenge I am sticking to natural products. I have sensitive skin, so I prefer to use products that don’t have too many irritants.

Skin Regime

  • Cleanse: African black soap (twice daily)
  • Tone: Witch Hazel (twice daily)
  • Moisturize: Shea butter whip (twice daily)
  • Exfoliate: Brown sugar & tea tree scrub(every other day)

Diet details

  • Reduce sugar consumption
  • Reduce dairy consumption (I’m lactose intolerant and acne is a side effect)
  • Increase water intake
  • Take a daily multivitamin
Grow Out Challenge details
This challenge will feature natural products as well as protective styling.
  • Shampoo: Desert Essence  Coconut Shampoo
  • Conditioner: Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner
  • Shea butter whip (home made)
  • Water + glycerine
  • Deep Conditioner: Coconut Honey (home made)
  • Wash once a week
  • Deep condition once a week
  • Cowash during week if necessary (after workouts etc)
  • Moisturize with water and seal with shea butter whip
Other details
  • Sleep in satin bonnet 
  •  Increase water intake
  • Consume multivitamin daily
  • Wear hair in protective styles 95% of the time
I will be refining my regime as I go along if I find certain products aren’t working for me and of course post them. My aim with this challenge is the keep it simple and easy to follow.
Do you have any products you use that you think I should try? Leave your comments below.

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