SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 21: Asses you relationship with money

Find ways you can improve your financial life-where is your most of your money spent? Is it on wants or needs?

Earlier this year I wrote a post F*** 2014, with my F-Bombs for 2014. On my list was being Financially Fit. Since last November I have been working on being more fiscally responsible. 

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SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 20: Goal Setting

Write down a major goal you want to achieve this year and decide what steps need to be taken today.

For the past two years I have wanted to become an Image Consultant well more specifically a Style Coach. Style Coaching is a course that combines Image Consulting and Life Coaching. This happens to be perfect for me because it’s my two loves, personal development and fashion rolled into one. 

After the M*RKologie Camp for Girls this past Christmas, I knew that it was my calling to work with girls and teens. 

This year, I want to stop talking about becoming a Style Coach and make some real steps to achieving my dream. 

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SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 17: Get Organized

Choose one area of your life you’d like to get organized.

At the beginning of 2014 I finally decided to give in to my inner neat freak. Those who saw my room during my teen years could attest to the fact that I had a penchant for not putting things away. 

I wasn’t really a messy person because I hated mess. And it went deeper than just regular teenage laziness. The truth is, I knew that once I started giving into organization it would take over my life. I’m the type of person who wants to do the best and even better than the best. For that reason, I choose to ignore certain things to maintain my own sanity.

After living on my own for a year, I finally decided it was time to get my act together and organize my home life. After all, I’m almost 25 and I have to fulfill my dream of being a younger more vibrant Caribbean Martha Stewart somehow. 

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SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 11: How can you be a better mother/ sister/friend/spouse

I don’t always feel like I’m the best friend I could be. I get moody and often feel like I want to disappear for days at a time. People don’t believe me, but I’m really a big mouthed introvert. So here are 3 things I think would make me a better friend/sister.

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SHEro Inspired Challenge

Week 3 of the SHEro Inspired Challenge continues and this week we’re focusing on Dreams and Goal Setting.

In the celebration of International Women’s Month. Blogger Carey-Lee Dixon and I have designed a 31-day challenge centered around getting the life you deserve and becoming your own SHEro.

If you’re late to the party you can still join this great challenge. Follow along with your personal blogs or even with a journal. 


SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 9: Establish Personal Boundaries 

Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify for themselves what are reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave around him or her and how they will respond when someone steps outside those limits.They are built out of a mix of beliefs, opinions, attitudes, past experiences and social learning.

I’m aware many of you following this challenge don’t have blogs and that’s ok. I am encouraging you to follow this challenge with a journal as well. I started journalling when I was about 11. I can even remember my very first journal, it was fat, yellow and decorated with smiley faces. Journalling is a great way to get your thoughts out in the open if you don’t necessarily want to share with someone. And today is probably one of those days for me.

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SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 8: Letting Go

Choose one thing you need to let go. How will your life improve once you let this go? What steps are you willing to take?

Letting go. There are so many things I’ve let go in the past, and isn’t it funny how things just seem to pile up. You ignore your personal growth journey for a minute and BAM, you have a brand new set of baggage you don’t even recognize.

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SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 7: Choose one thing that you can’t change about yourself that you’re going to choose to embrace.

At the wonderful age of 23 my worst nightmare came to life. I saw my very own first chin hair! It was black, scraggly and definitely unwelcome. I have been dreading this moment for 23 years. Lady beards sort of run in the family and I hoped it would skip me entirely, alas, I wasn’t so lucky. 

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SHEro Inspired Challenge Day 5: I am not HER: Turning jealousy into inspiration

 Choose one woman in your life who has always made you feel a little envious. Turn your jealousy into inspiration by choosing three things that you admire about her that you’d like to emulate.

Wow! You’d think that since I helped write this challenge it would be easier. The truth is my biggest issue has been choosing someone to focus on. Though there are many women who posses qualities I wish I had, there’s not one person I can think of who has more than one. For this purpose I am going to choose three things that usually stir envy when I see other women.

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